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Welcome to the GEMACO website.


By accessing this site, you accept the terms and conditions as defined below.


Minors may not access www.gemaco.com. Access to the site is subject to legislation, international, EU and national applicable in the country where the connection is being made.



General site presentation




Head Office : 28 rue des Ponts 16140 AIGRE


Legal status:

Simplified joint stock company


Publication Manager:





Marie Brizard & Roger International


Simplified joint stock company with capital of €17,477,304RCS Créteil B 454 200 064


Published by: GEMACO


Created by: WILDCARD


Hosted by: Mailclub


SIRET No.: 611 820 390 000 15

Intellectual property

The presentation and content of www.gemaco.com constitutes work protected by French and international legislation governing intellectual property. Protectable background components such as text, photographs, data, graphs, videos, images, etc., as well as form components (choice, plan, provision of materials, organisation of data, etc.) are owned by GEMACO through its copyright and the database manager’s copyright. In accordance with these property rights, GEMACO may use the different components in its capacity as the creator or subject to the agreement signed with holders of rights, anywhere in the world.Accordingly, any reproduction, as a whole or in part, using any medium whatsoever, is forbidden, unless GEMACO’s consent has been obtained in advance, pursuant to Articles L.122-4 and L.342-1 of the Code de la propriété intellectuelle [Intellectual Property Code].

Exceptions for private use

Pursuant to Article L.122-5 of the Code, works found on the site may only be used for private, non-exclusive purposes, by anyone browsing the site. In other words, users may only reproduce it for storage on a single workstation in order to display it on a single screen and reproduce it uniquely for backup, electronically or as hard copy. Any user may make hard copy reproductions insofar as they are taken from the private copy for non-collective use.


GEMACO, as the author and compiler of the database which forms the site, holds all rights inherent to the database.Thus, in accordance with Article L.342-1 et seq. of the Code de la propriété intellectuelle, GEMACO forbids extraction by permanent or temporary transfer to any media, by any means, and in any form whatsoever, of all or a substantial part of the site´s content, unless the operations are carried out for purely private or teaching purposes.


Unless GEMACO’s express permission is obtained in advance, failure to observe the rules set out above will constitute a breach of intellectual property rights. In any event, this breach may affect copyright, or the rights of the database compiler, or both, as appropriate. It will constitute one (or more) act(s) of misconduct punishable pursuant to Articles L.335-2 and L.342-1 et seq. of the Code de la propriété intellectuelle.Any other use is subject to GEMACO´s express permission in advance.This permission must be sought in writing, by post, sent to the following address:




Marie Brizard & Roger International


Immeuble ATRIUM Rive Gauche

19, Boulevard Paul Vaillant Couturier



In accordance with current texts, GEMACO cannot accept any liability for any direct or indirect harm caused when visiting and/or using the site, for any reason whatsoever, whatever its origin or nature, or even for any virus transmitted through the site, even if it is found that the risk of loss of damage was brought to GEMACO´s attention.


The links found at www.gemaco.com are for information only.The sites which may be accessed using these links are independent of the site, so GEMACO does not have any control over them; thus, it cannot accept any liability for these sites or their content.

Forbidden use

Any marketing, as a whole or in part, of the original presentation of the site and/or its content, with third parties, in any form whatsoever, is strictly forbidden.Users are expressly forbidden to provide any components of the site to the public, through sale, exchange or leasing (audio, video, graphic or textual components).Any breach of these provisions exposes the offender to the civil and criminal penalties specified by law.

Brand names and logos

The brand names and logos which appear on the site are GEMACO´s property.Any reproduction and/or use without GEMACO´s prior permission will bring the user´s liability into question and will constitute misconduct punishable with the penalties specified in Articles L.335-2 et seq. and L.716-1 et seq. of the Code de la propriété intellectuelle.

Contact GEMACO

If you have any questions or would like any further information, please write to the following address:




Marie Brizard & Roger International

Service Marketing – Internet

Immeuble ATRIUM Rive Gauche

19, Boulevard Paul Vaillant Couturier



Personal data

Anyone whose name appears at www.gemaco.com or whose data is used for distributed informative letters or fora holds the right to access, amend, correct and delete data (Art. 34 of the Loi Informatique et Libertés [= UK Data Protection Act] dated 6 January 1978) throug Marie Brizard & Roger International, IT Department, by writing to the following address: cil-gautier@mabriz.com.




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The cookies we issue are used to establish statistics and number of users visiting our site and the rate of visiting and use of the various elements on our site (headings, contents visited, moving around, etc.) making it possible for us to improve our services' interest and ergonomics.


You have the right refuse to accept cookies.


Nevertheless, we would draw your attention to the fact that refusal to accept a cookie may lead to certain services becoming inaccessible. If this is the case, we decline any liability for the consequences if our services do not function properly resulting in our recording or consulting the cookies required for their functioning and that you have refused to accept.


Each browser has its own configuration for managing cookies and your choices. To refuse to receive cookies, you can configure your computer as follows:


In Internet Explorer: tools section (pictogram in the form of a cogwheel at the top right) / Internet options. Click on Confidentiality and select Block all cookies. Validate with Ok.


In Firefox: at the top of the browser window, click on the Firefox button, then go to the Options section. Click on Privacy. Set the Retention Rules to: use customized settings for history. Finally, untick to disable cookies.


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In Chrome: click on the menu pictogram (symbolised by three horizontal lines) at the top right of the browser. Select Settings. Click on Display advanced settings. In the "Confidentiality" section, click on Preferences. You can block the cookies in the "Confidentiality" section.

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